TV Production
Robotics has become part of our every day. Robotics can be found in items like toy robots that can move on their own and can be controlled via remote control. Other robots like cubes that can form structures by climbing and rolling over the other blocks. Other more complicated robots like a UAV drone can fly unmanned over a hostile area and observe. Also a UAV drone can launch missiles via a complicated remote control system. Now robots have the potential to do labor like slaves with the new artificial muscle that can enable a robot to lift eighty times the weight of the robot!


Reverse Engineering
Toy: Renault Sport 1/39 scale

4mike exp B.jpg
Exploded View

Motion Displayed: Rotary and Linear

Google Sketchup
4MichaelA Block1.png
4MichaelA block2.png

4MichaelA Block4.png

Isometric Sketching