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Oscar Pistorius an Olympic Runner with no Legs
Oscar Pistorius was born on November,22,1986. He had fibular himimelia and his Legs were Amputated halfway between the ankle and knees. He went to Pretoria Boys Highschool and played Rugby and Water Polo. He took part in club Olympic Wrestling and trained at Jannie Brook's garadge gym in Pretoria South Africa. After a serious Rugby injury on his knee in January of 2003 he was introduced to running in January 2004 while in rehab. His first racing blades were fitted by Francois Van Der Watt. He ordered blades from a local engineer but they broke quickly. Francois Van Der Watt reffered Pistorius to an American prosthetist, Brian Frasure and he fitted blades made by the Icelandic company Ossure.

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Reverse Engineering
Toy: Wind up Truck
Mechanisims: Gears, Wheels/ Axels, Spring

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Motion: Rotary, Linear

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