New technologies in agriculture have brought many benefits to farmers. Today, organic fruits and vegetables are able to be grown without the use of any artificial substances like pesticides, fertilizers, hormones and additives. There are many benefits to growing organic produce and some of them are that organic fruits and vegetables do not contain any harmful chemicals, they have about 50% more minerals, vitamins and nutrients than regularly grown plants and they are tastier and more juicy. Also, tunnel farming has become very popular. Tunnel farming is when crops are grown using mineral nutrient solutions in water instead of soil and by covering the plants with a semi circular structure that is called a tunnel. Growing plants this way produces very good quality crops because the plants constantly get nutrients as they are dissolved in the water and farmers can grow a lot of plants on a smaller area of land. New technology is always being developed and this has been very helpful to the farmer.

Toy:Robotic Dinosour

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Motion:oscillation, Rotary
Mechicanisms:Crank Slider, Gears

Google Sketchup
Block 1

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Block 2

Isometric Sketching