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VANMOOF 10 Electrified Commuter Bike
Recently a Dutch bike manufacturer, VANMOOF, has created what it calls the world's first commuter bike. This creation is a combination of GPS, smart power control, electric motivation, a battery pack, and a bike. This bike is fully wired in the inside, you really can' t tell much difference form a normal bike to this, unless if you look up close. The bike also has a Philips lighting system. One of the great things about this magnificent bike is that it has a anti-theft racking GPS, similar to BikeSpike, it lets the owner find and recover their bike. The bicycle weighs 42 lbs, 19kg, so it isn't light weight but around the weight o an average bike. VANMOOF is still developing this awesome bike, but they are planning on releasing the limited-run bike around November.

Reverse Engineering

Toy: Red Hot Wheels Car (run by batteries)
Motion Displayed: Intermittent and Reciprocating
Mechanisms: Gears

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Exploded View

Google Sketchup

Block 1

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Block 2

Isometric Sketching