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The IPhone 5S is now here. Well the IPhone 5s looks alot like the other Iphones but it is still worth it. Its comes in gold, white, black and silver. It also has a better flash than the other IPhones. It is 112g and 7.6mm long, It is quite a cool phone. It is so small it will dissapear into a regular sized pocket fo yours, the IPhone 5S is 4 inches tall. The finger print home button is the best feature yet on the IPhone 5S , the only bad thing is if your fingers are wet like you just came out of the pool because your IPhone 5S will not reconize your finger print. The IPhone 5S is super fast and it has a long battery, it can last 6hours and 15 mins with out charging. Get the IPhone 5S for sure as your next phone!

Reverse Engineering
Toy: Car


4ashley exp.jpg

Motion Display: linear and rotary
Mechanism: Gears

Google Sketchup

block 1

block 2