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A company named Zeo located in Australia has made and patented a new glue free process, which creates a strong, versatile building material. Made of just cellulose and water! The material known as Zeofoam can be sprayed, modeled or shaped into products. Zeofoam is an Eco-friendly material that requires no trees and no plastics! Zeofoam is recyclable, water resistant, and fire resistant. Let's help the world one Zeofoam product at a time!


Reverse Engineering
Toy: Butterfly
Motion: Linear, Rotary, and Reciprocating.
Mechinism: Crank, Reciprocating Motion, Linkages, and Gears.

4hanna exp.jpg
Exploded View


Google Sketchup

4 HannahS Block 1.png
Block 1

4HannahS Block 2.png
Block 2

Isometric Sketching