Aotonomonise Cars
Google, Nisson and other companies are all developing driver less or autonomous cars. These cars will drive themselves. Very powerful computers and new software is being developed to make sure it is safe. The inventors believe that their computers will be better drivers. There are many people arguing for and against this technology. Right now in America, only the state of Nevada is allowing driver less cars. The developers believe that today's distracted drivers are not as good as there software will be. This technology has already been shown in many Hollywood movies. Science fiction writers have been using this idea for a very long time and only now has technology caught up to make this reality. Only time will tell how accurate the science fiction writers were.

Reverse Engineering
Toy: Dancing Man

4kaitlin2 exp.jpg
Exploded View

Motion Observed: Oscillation, Rotary motion, Reciprocating
Mechanism: Cams, Crank

Google Sketch Up
4KatieW block 1.jpg
Block 1

Block 2

isometric sketch