Cradle to Cradle
1. The Take, Make, Waste method is used by companies today and is when you take new products and throw them away, quicker then ever before.
2.The Reduce, Reuse, Recycle method is only being less bad it isn't very efficent.
3.The three parts to Cradle to Cradle are keep ALL materials in a continous cycle, only have renewable energy, and celebrate diversity.
4.I think that Cradle to Cradle is a very good idea and will help make the world a better place. I hope that we all can start using this method so that we have enough resources to last generations after generations and so on.

How Do Solar Panels Work?
1. Light is the flow of tiny particles called fotons shooting out of the sun.
2. Major physical barriers to using solar cells and modecules are that the sun is unevenly disriputed among areas so not every are would get as much sun light to provide energy for their house.
3.Major socail and political barriers to using solar energy is that many companies would go out of business.
4.Solar cells are made from two different layers of silicon, N and P.
5. An electron has both a negative and positive charge on one side it has a posyitive charge and on the other side there is a negative charge.
6.Solar cells can last decades.
7.Each silicon cell only puts out half a volt.
8.The normal commerical cells aren't that efficient.
9.Over a billion people don't have access to a reliable electic grid.

4 Insane Solar Cars
1. The video I watched was a about four cars that are run by solar power. One car was the Sunset Eve, this car is said to be the worlds fastest solar powered car over a "distance of 500 Kilometers". The next car was Sion, is another solar powered car that "could drive for eight hours with a disnatance 30 kl". The final car in the video was the Stella, that may be the first ever solar powered family car. This car car has a bettery in case sunlight is not available, the "distance of the car is 800 kl on single charge". This video shows that solar power is taking over the enviornment.

2. I was interested in the video and thought it was a very informing video if you like to learn about things like this. I was interested because I like learning about new technology and how it can help the world/environment in the world. I also thought this was an infroming video because if you are interested in the Solar car races, then tjis would be a good video for you. This my opinion on the video.

Solar Car