Cradle to Cradle

Cradle to cradle is a method of disposing waste into reusable components. Cradle to cradle helps with the environment. It can also make a better life for animals and people.
This video has to do building a solar car, because of two reasons. One reason is that solar cars use renewable solar energy. Another reason is that when we took apart our cars, we put them into the categories where the components of the car go.

Team Work

1. “A worker today might start the morning by collaborating with a team of engineers, then send emails to colleagues marketing a new brand, then jump on a conference call planning an entirely different product line, while also juggling team meetings with accounting and the party-planning committee.”

2. “Every day, between classes or after dinner, Rozovsky and her four teammates gathered to discuss homework assignments, compare spreadsheets and strategize for exams.”
3. “Most of the proposals were impractical, but ‘‘we all felt like we could say anything to each other,’’ Rozovsky told me.”

Solar Panels

    • What is light?
    • Light is a stream of particles called photons.
    • What are the major physical barriers to using solar cells and modules?
    • Sunlight is unevenly distributed across the Earth.
    • What are the major social and political barriers to using solar energy?
    • Businesses that lobby to maintain the statud quo.
    • What are most solar cells made from?
    • Silicon
    • Does an electron have a positive or negative charge?
    • An electron has a negative charge.
    • How long can solar cells last?
    • As long as the sun is charging them.
    • Each individual silicon cell puts out how many volts?
    • Half a volt.
    • How efficient are the normal commercial solar cells?
    • They only convert 15 to 20 percent of the sun’s ener to electricity.
    • How many people in the world don’t have access to a reliable electric grid?
    • Over a billion people.

Sketch up: Block 1

7C4 Aidan S.jpg
Block 1

Summary of 3 videos

Where good ideas come from:
The person who made this was really thinking about where good ideas come from. They don't come right away. An idea has to take time to develop, usually over the course of many years. What starts out as a small hunch, turns into something amazing. Combining ideas with somebody else's ideas can lead to a successful and revolutionary idea.
My opinion on good ideas is that a good idea can come instantly. This idea still needs to be fully developed though. Maybe a good idea can turn into a great idea. I do agree with combining ideas with other peoples' ideas, to create something truly amazing.

What's next in 3D printing?
3D printing will change the world. As most people think 3D printing will replace many jobs, 3D printing will create new ones. 3D printing can make shoes, food, and even make medical parts. 3D printing is honoring the past, and creating the future.
I think 3D printing is amazing. I agree with everything the guy said in the video. 3D printing is capable of doing so many things. 3D printing will change the world, and honor the past.

Can 100% Renewable energy power the world?
People are using fossil fuels to make energy. These fuels can be oil or coal. These resource pollute the earth, and they do not last forever. However, cleaner energy sources that last forever can be used, like water, air, and the sun.
I do not think that we will get to a point where we are using 100% renewable energy sources. There are too many people in this world that don’t know or don’t care that we are polluting the earth. People would continue to use oil or coal, and when those resources run out, these people would just search for oil and coal. They will never think or care to use renewable energy resources.

Grit Summary and Opinion Homework

The TED talk was about grit. Grit is a perseverance for a long term goal. It is a staminna. This is what most kids would struggle with in school. My opinion on grit would be to always have grit. To do this, you would always need to have a goal in mind. This is very important not only for school, but for real life as well. I would consider myself to have grit, but but not really for school. I would want to have more grit for school, and my goal would be to get straight A‘s. Grit would help you in life by making life more productive, and to get work done faster, and better.

How to sketch an orthographic view of an object