Cradle to cradle

Summery - cradle to cradle is a principle saying that waste can be very useful and can soon create amazing things but the waste is ending up in the wrong place and if the cradle to cradle principle is not in use soon the earth will be covered in trash and many animals can be in great danger because trash could end up in rivers and the animals in those river could mistake trash for food and die.

Opinion- I do think the cradle to cradle principle was used in our solar cars because a lot of the materials are reused and many have used the same materials in the past like the cardboard was recycled and the wheels and metals have been used many times. So the cradle to cradle principle has been in corporate with our solar cars and that little step made the earth a whole lot cleaner.

Team Work

"Study groups have become a rite of passage at M.B.A. programs, a way for students to practice working in teams and a reflection of the increasing demand for employees who can adroitly navigate group dynamics."
"Every day, between classes or after dinner, Rozovsky and her four teammates gathered to discuss homework assignments, compare spreadsheets and strategize for exams."
"There were conflicts over who was in charge and who got to represent the group in class."
"yet many of today’s most valuable firms have come to realize that analyzing and improving individual workers."
"They studied how long teams stuck together and if gender balance seemed to have an impact on a team’s success."

How do solar panels work

1. The flow of tiny particles called photons.
2. solar energy is not evenly distributed around the world.
3. It would be way too expensive to have solar panels.
4. Silicon
5. Electrons have a negative charge.
6. They can last for decades.
7. Half a volt.
8. They are a 15-20% efficient.
9. over a billion people don't have access to a reliable electric grid.

Google sketch up- block 1

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Where good ideas come from

summary- The video is showing how it takes time and failure and other ideas to come up with one good idea. But you can have many good ideas that lead up to the one great idea. also that if you have other peoples idea you can put them together to make a even better idea and then add on more to that idea until you get the one great idea you want. the video said that it takes many steps and conjoining ideas. lastly, when you start with an idea it might not be a full idea you start off with.

opinion- i see the video as to make one good idea comes from many other good ideas. I think that the video has a very good point on why it takes more then just coming up with an idea and that being the best it can be. Because you ca always improve in some way. And i do to beleive that it takes more time to come up with a great idea and thinking about other ideas as well.

3D printing

summary-the video shows that 3D printing is becoming more than people thought it could be. the guy talking is explaining how 3D printing is helping out with more important things like knee braces and things for NASA. He is also wanting 3D printing to make food and have different areas of color. The question he wants people to ask is that how will 3D printing change our lives.

Opinion- I think that the new idea he has for 3D printing is really cool. its cool how he has these ideas for what 3D printing can become. like it being able to produce food with flavor and shapes and things with more color. i am very interested to see what can happen with 3D printing in the future.

Renewable energy

Summary- the video talks about how we cant get the exact thing we need because of other things like efficiency. Another thing the video says how there is so much energy in places that don't need as much like in the desert but there is less energy in the places we need it most like in a big city. Also , there are other forms of renewable energy we can get like highdroelectric, thermal, and biomasses. but there are also limits on those to. it is also very expensive to transport the energy from where it is to where it needs to be.

Opinion- my opinion about this topic is that we need to fine a way to have enough renewable energy for a low cost. and also have it in the places that need it most. I think that renewable energy is a great thing but it needs to be improved in many ways. if renewable energy gets improved the world can be much simpler.

Grit: the power of passion and perseverance

The ted talk was about how student should learn from a more modeivational perspective. Also that the lady that was speaking went to many different places to figure out which type of people or students would continue with what they are doing or to graduate. Another thing is that she talked about what grit is and how it can help to understand people better and if they will do good in life. My opinion about the ted talk is that it was a very modeivational way to explain to people that kids should be learning with more modeviation. I think that I do have some grit because I do have passion and perseverance in what I do for example I try very hard in school so I can get into a good collage. I do want grit I think it is a good thing to have grit. grit can help me in life because it can help me achieve the the things I want like getting into a good collage.

Orthographic sketching