What is Cradle to Cradle ?


In the movie cradle to cradle the person explains that we should see nature as our role model, and try to keep our material flows in cycles and this principal is called Cradle to Cradle. A video also explains that we have to easily dismantle products into their components then these components become raw materials for new products and these products are not only less harmful but they are also may contribute to our environment in a positive way.


I think this video explains really good how we can be more gentile to our environment and help to keep it healthy. The way to reuse materials is very smart because then there wouldn't be as much waste as there is right now. I also think that drawing was the best way they could express this information to us. The video has to do with me building a solar car in class because the solar car doesn't harm the environment, it is only uses the energy from a solar panel and it also doesn't release any harmful gases so it doesn't do anything bad to the environment. Solar cars are also a way that we can help our environment.

Team Work

  • "The researchers eventually concluded that what distinguished the ‘‘good’’ teams from the dysfunctional groups was how teammates treated one another". citation
  • "Some groups that were ranked among Google’s most effective teams, for instance, were composed of friends who socialized outside work". citation
  • "But the group’s norms discourage equal speaking; there are few exchanges of the kind of personal information that lets teammates pick up on what people are feeling or leaving unsaid". citation
  • "But Google’s data indicated that psychological safety, more than anything else, was critical to making a team work". citation

  • "Team members may behave in certain ways as individuals — they may chafe against authority or prefer working independently — but when they gather, the group’s norms typically override individual proclivities and encourage deference to the team". citation

How do solar panels work?

    • What is light?
    • Light is a flow of tiny particles called photons.
    • What are the major physical barriers to using solar cells and modules?

    • The major physical barriers to using cells and modules is that solar energy is unevenly distributed across the planet, some areas are sunnier than others. It is also inconsistent. Less solar energy is available on cloudy days or at night.

    • What are the major social and political barriers to using solar energy?

    • A political barrier to using solar energy is that businesses lobby to maintain the status quo.

    • What are most solar cells made from?

    • Most solar sells made from silicone, a semiconductor that is the second most abundant element on Earth.

    • Does an electron have a positive or negative charge?

    • Electron has a negative charge.
    • How long can solar cells last?

    • Solar sells can last for decades.

    • Each individual silicon cell puts out how many volts?

    • Half a volt or 0.5 volts.

    • How efficient are the normal commercial solar cells?

    • 15-20% efficient.
    • How many people in the world don’t have access to a reliable electric grid?

    • Over a billion people don't have access to a reliable electric grid.

Google Sketchup Block One

7C4 Dana S Block 1.jpg

What's next in 3-D printing ?


Just like his grandfather, Avi Reinchental loves to makes things.The only different between how his grandpa made things and how he makes them is 3-D printing. Avi explains us how 3-D printing can help and influence our future in a good way. He also explains how 3-D printing helps make casts, and in future he believes that we would be able to have food printed . He wants us to ask a question of how will 3-D printing change my life?


My opinion is that Avi Reichental talks about a lot of 3-D printing things that are very interesting. It's very cool to know what are the 3-D printed products that we would be able to buy in the future. Even now it's interesting to know that Nike used 3-D printing to make cleats for the Super Bowl in 2014.

Where All Good Ideas Come from ?


Steven Johnson tells us that all good ideas develop over time it may take 2,3 or even 10 years for the idea to suddenly become accessible and useful to you in a certain way. He also explains that normally good ideas come from smaller ideas and then they form a big one. Ideas need time to develop or grow. It's also very important that you share your ideas with somebody else because somebody can add or improve your idea.


My opinion is that Steven Johnson made a really good job explaining where all ideas come from. I agree that all good ideas take time to develop because over time you may settle and thing more deeply about an idea. I also agree that you should share your idea and ask other people about their thoughts and ideas of how you can improve your idea.

Can 100% renewable energy power the world?


Federico Rosei and Renzo Rosei explain that we use 35 billion barrels of oil and it's 40% of the world's oil supply and according to these estimates we'll run out of oil and gas in 50 years or so. We can't use 100% renewable energy to power the world because there are hurtles in the way like efficiency. It's a problem to maximize efficiency because solar plants should be located in the deserts but they are far away from urban cities where energy demand is high.


My opinion is that scientists should think of a way that would help maximize efficiency in some different way. I also think that they should invent some special tools or solar plants that can be placed in the urban city where a lot of people live where the demand is high. People should try to use less oil and gas so we would have it more than for 50 years.

TED Talk

Angela Lee Duckworth realized that IQ wasn't the only thing separating the successful students from those who struggled. It also was GRIT. GRIT is passion and perseverance for very long-term goals, it's sticking with your future for years and working really hard to make that future a reality. My opinion about GRIT is that it will make your life so much easier even though it's hard at first. I think I have GRIT because I have passion to study and learn new things so I would have good future. I wan't to make my future bright, and make it colorful as it can be. I learn more on my mistakes because I want to know what I did wrong, so I reread or restudy something that doesn't make sense to me. Even though I think I have GRIT I want more of it. GRIT will help me in life because it will teach me more how to work hard, remain committed to my goal , and persevere through struggles and failure.

How to sketch an orthographic view of an object ?