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Google Sketch Up Block #1

The girl that was talking was a very good person. She made sure evreyone all the students where passing and always helped them out when she was a teacher. She did studies on kids. Who was gonna success. Who was gonna fail. And who was going to graduate. She started studying a program in school called GRIT. She looked for perserverance and inteligance in people. So she looked for grit in people. Its like when a basketball team is loosing and they make the comeback to when the game. They are setting goals and following through to complete them.

Where good ideas come from
Good ideas come from the head. Some people cant come up with good ideas as good as others. You come up with better ideas when your older, or when your not in a hunch. Hunches are half ideas but when you have more of them, they start to connect to one big idea. The internet lets us reach out and share ideas with other people, like the website pintrest. When you borrow someones hunches and combine them with yours they become something new. Or a new idea. Good ideas also involve grit.

Whats next in 3D printing
Chuck Hull was the inventor of 3D printing. It went from a small thing to a big thing. It was a machine that was programed to make things out of plastic called filliment. Many things can be created, but now they are coming up with mind blowing prints. They are making custom glasses to fit you perfectly by know the dimensions of your head. They have made parts for people so they can walk again. They made parts for a paralized girl so she would be able to walk again. 3D printing is making exotic things that are changing the world.

Can 100% renewable energy power the world?
The world uses millions of barrels of fossil fuels a day that are polluting the earth. Scientists have estimated that we will run out of fossil fuels in about 50 years. But we have abundant sun, water and wind. And they are renewable resources. But renewable energy only reaches about 13% of our needs. The sun produces about 173 quadrillion watts, sollar plants would have to be placed in very sunny places for energy transportation. But that is hard.