What is Cradle to Cradle?

Cradle to Cradle is the practice of keeping the cycles of nature going. We give off carbon dioxide and plants give oxygen for us to breathe.We all should keep an eye on the cycle of us and nature so we can live happily. Cradle to Cradle is the study of how nature and us humans work together as acycle of life.

What Google learned from its quest to build a perfect Team:

Julia Rozovsky did not know what to do with her life. In Silicon Valley, engineers are encouraged to work together. This influence not only shows how people work but how people work together. Researchers today still research on what we dont know today and what data is unknown.

How Solar Panels work:

Solar Panels have special panels on the front that take in light called light energy. The solar panel uses the light energy to power things like stoves, motors, etc.The way the energy is transferred is that there is a metal connector that attaches onto a wire and powers an object.

Google Sketchup-Block #1

7C4 Joey Block 1.jpg

Where good ideas come from:
The video talked about a method called a slow hunch. This is the breakthrough of ideas that almost never come in a moment of great insight in a sudden stroke of inspiration.This video talked about how we overthink ideas on what value we think of them.I think that good ideas come from just steady and thoughtful thinking. Good ideas do not always have to come from a complex way of thinking. I think good ideas can come from thinking that is not as complex.

Whats next in 3d printing?The video talks about what can be next in 3d printing. the video stated that the mans father used 3d printing to make his own things. He talks about the ways 3d printing can change digital thinking and how things are made. I think that over time, 3d printing will improve and help many in easier ways. 3d printing has many benefits. It can accomplish many jobs like manufacturing.

Can 100% renewable energy power the world?
The video explains how we are polluting the Earth by using fossil fuels that which is not renewable. In order to use only renewable sources to provide our needs, it would take a great deal of work and time. The things we use everyday are liquid fuels and electricity. I think that we should try to reduce the amount of renewable sources we use everyday.

How to sketch an orthographic view of an object


Angela Duckworth gave an inspiring speech about "GRIT", which simply means passion and perseverance. Angela explains how GRIT affects one in how they learn and grow. She believes that you do not need talent in order to succeed or do your best. She believes all you need is to find passion and perseverance.
She explains how each and every person has "GRIT", but sometimes does not choose to use it.
I do have "GRIT", as everybody else may do. I think "GRIT" is just the ability to do more than just average. Grit can help in life because there are times where you may think to yourself, "I cant do this" , but if you push forward you can succeed.