What is cradle the cradle

In this video they talk about reusing thing. When you reuse stuff you are using it more than once. For example i have reused hockey gear from a year before fore this year. Everyone reuses stuff in life .Reusing thing is very common in life now. It kinda runs just like a cycle all things are reused for different things everyone one has reused something even if you don't realize it. Like yesterday i had brought a water bottle to school. And today i am reusing the water bottle right now.

Solar cars have a lot of reusing in them you reuse parts to the wheels. You reuse the axils. You reuse the gears. The solar cars had a lot to reuse more than half of the stuff that we had used for the solar cars are being reused for next years and next years and next year's cars. The solar cars panels are used each year a lot of thing for these solar cars have had been reused.

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This is about where these good ideas come from. It shows a story about these ideas being made over these periods of time. It takes more than one day to do a good job. This Steven is taking his time on what he is doing. I think these ideas come from your brain. I think to come up with a good solid ideas it takes a pretty long time, Threw all the sketches then the final works that are being done.

3D printing
These unite 3d printers are like robots. You put you drive in and it does your figure or your print. These 3d printers are pretty high tech. I personally like these 3D printers they are a good source. They are also fun to print stuff like a name tag. Or a fidget spinner. Whit these 3d printers you can print cool and nice stuff and thing that bare handy.

R enable resources. Every year we use 45 billions crate of oil. We have about 40 percent of the words oil. Tenable energy is accessible its a huge challenge. its better to use global energy. Liquid fuels play a requital rule. I think that this is cool. Because you can take stuff and reuse it to make something. This is better to save are resources.

Team Work.

Team work grit helps you alot in life. You will use grit a lot more in life when you are older. You discuss with other people also discuss with family members about grit. Having classes that involve with grit are very important. There are a lot of different ways that you can perform grit and and there are not that many bad ways of performing grit. Grit is a good way of learning and sketching things.

How do solar panels work? Solar panels reflect off sunlight. These solar panels are giving energy and producing the energy of what it hooked up too. Solar panels take it in then they give the energy that they had gotten and they give it to whatever is taking the energy in from the solar panels. For example on the solar panel there has to be a heat source for the solar panel to do the part of job that it needs to give off or produce. SO when the metal gets heated up it builds up the energy. This is how solar panels work.